There are five different difficulty levels in Hatred.

Easy: executions heal 80% health

Hard: executions heal 40% health

Extreme: executions heal 20% health

Story Mode:
One additional respawn received at the level start 
You receive 2 respawns per side quest instead of one 
Player has twice the health than on 'Easy' difficulty 
Body Armor is 50% stronger 
A single execution healths to full 
Full health on respawn

No respawns 
Half the health than on 'Extreme' difficulty 
The game will no longer outline all enemies with a red border when viewing active quests 
Radar does not show people and cars 
Body Armor is 50% weaker 
Rest of the rules ( e.g. health regeneration on execution ) - stays the same relative to the reduced health - you regenerate 20% health each execution just as on 'Extreme' but 20% of lowered health is much less

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