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Hatred is a violent isometric twin stick by Destructive Creations. It is a spiritual successor to POSTAL, getting a similar amount of controversy on release.


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The game stars an unnamed man (commonly known as The Antagonist) as he begins a genocide crusade against humanity. His motivations are left mostly unknown beyond an unnatural Hatred for the human race.


The game plays via an isometric third person perspective with fully rendered 3D graphics and destructible environments. The main objective is to murder a certain number civilians (referred to as worms) in a given area while avoiding/killing authorities (referred to as "Human Shields"). In the course of this, the Antagonist must perform executions on downed civilians/authorities to restore his health. When the kill quota has been reached, the level exit will be unlocked.

In addition, there are side quests throughout the map where the player can earn "respawn tokens" which work in the same manner as extra lives. These revolve around massacring specific places (such as a coffee shop or house party), assassinating a particular NPC (such as a politician), destroying a particular landmark/item, or running people over with a vehicle.

Survival Mode[]

Released on September 10th 2015 as a free update, the survival mode added three additional maps and three additional playable characters. The goal of the mode being to survive wave after wave of soldiers in order to get a high score before one's inevitable death.

Mod Support[]

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Released on February 8th 2016 after a semi-open beta, full Steam Workshop support was implemented allowing the creation of custom content for Hatred. Known has the "Hatred Editor", it's a fully functional version of the Unreal Engine 4 development kit. In addition to this, Destructive Creations released "Hatred Valentine's Day Massacre" on the steam workshop.


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