The Soundtrack for Hatred was composed by Adam Skorupa. It has thirteen tracks and comes free with the purchase of Hatred. In addition to this the song "Particular Hatred" by Iperyt is used as the end credits theme and the song hummed by the train driver called "Cock n' roll" by Porky Vagina.

With the release of Survival Mode came four new tracks by the band Blood Red Throne used if one decides they want a "Heavy" soundtrack.

Track list Edit

  1. Alone Against Humanity
  2. Cold Blooded Executor
  3. Fear As The Weapon Of Mass Destruction
  4. Distant To Reality
  5. Impenetrable Void Of A Hateful Mind
  6. Suffering Injection
  7. An Unknown Feeling Of Remorse
  8. Solitary March Of The Damned One
  9. Overkill
  10. It's time
  11. Trailer 1_ Reveal
  12. Trailer 2_Destruction
  13. Trailer 3_Human Shields
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