”My name is not important, what is important is what I’m going to do.”

The Antagonist is the main character of Hatred. He's tall, has long black hair, pale white skin, and wears a long trench coat.

The Antagonist is a violently misanthropic psychopath who is defined by his utter disgust and contempt for all of humanity, wanting to murder everyone regardless of their race, gender, sexuality and age, believing human beings to be weak and undeserving of "a natural death". He shows little emotion throughout the game, apart from hatred, anger, and the enjoyment he takes in the murder of other people. He is a obvious sadist, comparing his killing spree to "feeling like the most intense drug". The Antagonist has very nihilistic feelings about life, stating his life "is just cold, bitter hatred", and also stating "no life is worth saving"; He is also shown to be both homicidal and suicidal, wanting to die violently and kill as many people as he possibly can before dying, and has absolutely no remorse, guilt, or empathy for his actions. His behavior and actions throughout the game show he is quite obviously criminally insane.

Little is known about him beyond his seething Hatred for humanity. While there are many speculations on his backstory from a possible military background (hence his skilled use of firearms, and ability to drive military vehicles such as Humvees.), to him being a personification of Death incarnate (as seen in the Steam Trading Cards and his ability to regenerate health from executing people.) none of this is confirmed by the developers, who wish such history and motivations to be left unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • He originally had no name, only being dubbed "The Antagonist" but he has come to be known as Not Important by fans of the game.
  • Surprisingly, he is referred to as "the Hero" by the devs at times.
  • His voice actor is credited as "Clint Westwood".
  • He is a guest character in POSTAL Redux who is unlocked via cheat code, referred to as "Not Important".
  • The author of The Antagonist's words is Herr Warcrimer. He is singer in Polish industrial-black metal band called Iperyt, which song "Particular Hatred" is playing in the end of game.
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