There are three drivable vehicles in Hatred.

Regular Car Edit

Found only in the Home level, the regular car acts in the same manner as the cop car. There is only one found in the entire game as all others cannot be driven.

Regular Car

Cop Car Edit

The cop car is one of three drivable vehicles in Hatred. Boasting the highest top speed and acceleration in the game, the cop car is very easy to lose control of. The vehicle's poor handling and tendency to explode led to many first time players disregarding vehicles completely.


SWAT Van Edit

The SWAT Van is a heavily armored van used by the SWAT team. There are two different variants; the difference between them is that one model has a machine gun mounted on the top. This vehicle is used a lot by The Antagonist in the later levels.

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Military Humvee Edit

The Military Humvee is an armored vehicle used by soldiers. Similarly to a SWAT van, there are two variants; one with a mounted machine gun and one without. The soldiers will occasionally be seen using the mounted machine gun, which deals a large amount of damage very quickly, making it extremely deadly.

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